Vaccination during menstruation

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After the announcement of the vaccination campaign, there were many doubts in the minds of people. Who can all be vaccinated? Is there any side-effect from vaccination?
One important question was: Can the women who are on menstruation also be vaccinated? Now the doctors and government have clarified it.
A few days back, the question arose: a rumor was spreading that women on the menstrual cycle should not take the vaccine five days before and after the cycle. It is nothing but a rumor.
It’s important to know that things on social media can also be rumors. The doctors have debunked the rumor and said that there is no need to panic and it is entirely safe to get vaccinated during the menstrual cycle.
COVID-19 vaccines are safe in all concerns, and there is no truth that the vaccines would be harmful to take during the period cycle.
The PIB tweeted, “#Fake post circulating on social media claims that the women should not take the #COVID19Vaccine 5 days before and after five their menstrual cycle.
Do not fall for such rumors!
All people above 18 should get vaccinated after May 1.”
It is important to note that the vaccine’s efficacy is not limited by menstruation. Menstruation is just a natural process and does not limit the body’s response. It is a hormonal change and has a minimal impact on how a person can react to side effects. Therefore, thinking that menstruation has any effect on the vaccine is not correct.
There has been one more rumor being spread about vaccines. It is that vaccination can decrease a woman’s fertility. Again, it is a myth. The vaccine does not contain any harmful extract, and the same has been evident from the research. The statement saying that vaccination can decrease fertility in women is false. There have been many cases in which women have conceived and given birth to a healthy child after being vaccinated.
Yes, there may be some cases where side-effects on women have been more harsh, like facing cramps more than usual. But these have happened due to hormonal fluctuations, which are resolved on their own and not on all women.
The vaccines have been made after a lot of research and time. Therefore, everyone must get vaccinated and do not mind the rumors and believe in doctors.

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