Keventers and Amba Dalmia Foundation trust to contribute 1 Cr for oxygen supply

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Keventers is the first Indian milkshake brand, founded by Edward Keventers in 1920; decides to launch dairy manufacturing units in India. It started with places like Delhi, Kolkata, Darjeeling, and Aligarh. 

Today Keventers is connecting and working with 70 cities, 4 countries.

We’re still mixing up fresh concoctions and shaking it up in India, Nepal, UAE, and Kenya.

The shakes are pretty thick and filling. The premium shakes like butterscotch, vanilla, strawberry, and Kesar Pista are served in glass bottles and taste appetizing.

Amba Dalmia Foundation Trust volunteer says, “Alone We Can Do Solittlee; Together We Can Do So Much.”

Amba Foundation – Founded in 1999, is a registered non-profit charitable Society working in education, health, skill training, and community development, focusing on underprivileged women and children. It has helped the Organization to reach out and impact the lives of over 200,000 people living in the base of east Delhi. The overarching aim is to empower the community by providing access to socio-economic rights. 

Amba has helped Mothers nurture their children with all her dedication to take wings and fly to higher skies.

The Organization runs its core activities through its three Centers, located in the East district of Delhi. Additionally, it has adopted an identified outreach area covering 10000 underprivileged families living in urban slums and unauthorized colonies in the targeted area. 

shortage of oxygen 

Experts say that a vast nation of 1.3 billion people is manufacturing enough oxygen. Hospitals ask patients to arrange their cylinders, but still, people are dying after being admitted due to low oxygen supply. Dire oxygen shortages, making the condition of India worse day by day.

Many hospitals do not have their oxygen plants, often because of poor infrastructure, high costs, and a lack of expertise, Today social media has become the biggest platform of help.

“The government did not plan in time,” sales executive Prabhat Kumar told AFP.

If prepared, we would not have to suffer this kind of damage to the beds and oxygen. 


Dairy brand Keventers and  Amba Dalmia Foundation Trust have decided to provide critical care to COVID 19 patients in Delhi-NCR. Both companies trust aim to raise Rs 1 crore for oxygen supplies to be made readily available. 

As the campaign has already raised Rs 35 crore from over 100 people. Now both of them are engaged in completing this campaign.

One of them has stated that “The goal is to provide short term and long term solutions to the oxygen crisis in Delhi-NCR by providing hospitals with oxygen concentrators and bi-paps that will help those in dire need. 

today, Every sector, every platform is giving its total contribution for the help of covid patients 

Agastya Dalmia said that “These are tough times, and as Indian citizens, each one of us has a responsibility towards battling this crisis in our capacities. We, as a brand, have the right resources and connections that we want to utilize and optimize and set up a system wherein we can provide critical oxygen supplies to the hospitals. Each small contribution will help save lives, and we are hoping to reach our goal very soon.”


Amba Dalmia Foundation initiative also elevates money to buy appliances to set up an oxygen generating facility in select hospitals. By having oxygen supply facilities in their homes in hospitals, they will reduce their dependence on oxygen supply sources.

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