Don’t dare to clamp down info, Supreme Court Warns

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Ultimately, the Supreme Court had to intervene in the ground situation of India. After the hearing, The court has expressed concern over India’s deterioration conditions due to Corona. The court also questioned the government about the unavailability of vaccines, insufficiency of beds and oxygen, arrangement of the Vaccination campaign, and different pricing of the vaccine in states. The court asked the center to share the investment update of the vaccine and correct information about current circumstances related to covid-19.

“No state should clamp down on information if citizen communicates their grievance on social medial. “the supreme court said today.

Sufficient beds are not available in the hospital for the patients, even if it is available, patients cannot be admitted without the RTPCR test. Different rules are being applied in other states. 

In the supreme court hearing, an application came in the Supreme Court, in which the case of Gujarat was raised that many times it is said that an RTPCR test is required and many times it is said that only the patients who will be sent by ambulance number 108 will be recruited. 

Highlighting the matter, the biggest question of the court was for the government, is there any politics behind the recruitment of hospitals?

Referring to the Corona era going on in the country, during the hearing, 

The court asked many questions to the government related to Corona.

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1 Oxygen production 

The central government should focus on supplying oxygen to different parts of the state.

Answering this, the central government has said that attention will be paid to this. According to the need, policy changes will be made.

2 1 May, vaccine campaign delayed

As we had heard, the vaccination campaign was about to start on 1 May. Still, due to the unavailability of vaccines for the 18 to 45 age group people, the vaccination campaign will be delayed. Delhi health minister Satyendra Jain announced that they don’t have vaccines for phase 3, 

Discussing this, the Supreme Court asked the government to share the Records of the supplied vaccines and vaccine production. 

The court asked, is there truly no vaccine to start Phase 3 of the vaccination campaign?

3 Political policies

The government has asked the Central Government, is there any political strategy behind not getting admission to the hospital?

4 Pricing issue of the vaccine in different states

The Supreme Court has asked that Why are the different prices of the vaccine upfront?

In different states, different prices of vaccines are being given, the Supreme Court is asked about the political polity behind it.

5 State-wise vaccine management

The Supreme Court asked about the production of the vaccine and supply of vaccine in states to the government. The court also asked about the future management of vaccines.

6 Coordination amid districts

The court asked the government, “Is there strong coordination with each district as to how many vaccines they require?” So that the demand can be met.

7 Instructions on the manufacturer company

For a vaccine product, the court asked the government what direction is being given to the covaxin and covishield manufacturing company?

8 High Court have to get into national problems.

The High Court is the only one capable of improving the local conditions. So now, this matter will be handled by the High Court.

9 The high court hearing will not be stopped.

The Supreme Court has announced that a hearing will be held in the High Court. The Supreme Court said that the case would be filed in the High Court for the national issue.

India must follow the “national immunization model which we had followed since independence,” the court said.

The political policy has also been mentioned in the responses of the central government.

The court hearing will be held on Friday, but the court has announced from all the states to reply by Thursday. 

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