Inc42 Presents ‘Decoding Hypergrowth 2.0’ With WebEngage

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Inc42 in association with WebEngage presents the second edition of ‘Decoding Hypergrowth’

The series featuring Lendingkart and Porter will decode their growth journey, business strategies and future plans

It focuses on how marketing automation helps businesses boost customer engagement, improve experience and widen the repeat user base

Last year, Inc42 partnered with martech platform WebEngage to bring its five client success stories to the fore. The series titled ‘Decoding Hypergrowth’ delved deep into each company’s growth journey, tracking their tipping points and business models, while charting out their strategies to transform existing business practices through intelligent user engagement solutions.

We covered the likes of edtech platform Simplilearn and D2C cosmetic and personal care startup MyGlamm to understand how startups approach retention challenges, boost engagement and increase the overall Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). And how leveraging latest marketing techniques helped them strengthen customer loyalty and widen their repeat user base.  

Little has changed over the last year. Though the Covid-19 scare has subsided to some extent, new virus variants continue to plague our lives, making lockdowns and other restrictions almost routine. In the midst of uncertainties, many companies have found a new way to recoup lost sales by adopting the digital way of doing business.

And those already in the ecommerce landscape are focusing their efforts on improving customer experience by customising user interaction. According to a Pwc report, 73% of customers point to customer experience as an important factor while making a purchase. To break the data silos and send effective and targeted messages and campaigns, brands require a data-driven approach.

Which is why, companies today are turning to third party providers like WebEngage to analyse consumer behaviour and buying patterns and convert this data into actionable insights. Thus, helping them streamline their marketing processes.

The latest report by Inc42 Plus suggested that India’s overall ecommerce market opportunity is estimated to reach $400 Bn by 2030 and India currently has more than 5,127 active ecommerce startups. Many of them are taking the D2C route to take direct ownership of customer acquisition and minimise the cost associated with online marketplaces.

Taking these trends into consideration, we are back with the second edition of Decoding Hypergrowth, in collaboration with WebEngage. The series seeks to reveal the insights, experiences and the secrets behind some of the leading brands in the ecommerce space.

Decoding Hypergrowth 2.0: Startups Ride The Tech Wave To Customise User Experience

“It’s quite important for startups operating with limited resources to make use of marketing automation so that they can execute customer engagement campaigns without having to struggle much,” advices Harshvardhan Lunia, cofounder and CEO of Lendingkart.

Every startup has its own unique set of challenges but overall struggle with a common problem — converting leads into customers and retain first-time users as regulars. By leveraging marketing automation tools, customising user experience and delivering the right message to the right target audience, startups can improve their efficiency and ability to scale.

How did retrieving real-time analytics help fintech company Lendingkart make strategic business decisions? What helped intracity logistics provider Porter scale growth during the pandemic, despide Covid-19 restrictions?

Our carefully crafted series of interviews and articles seek to answer all these questions and beyond as founders and top company executives take the centre stage to talk about their startup’s pain points and how WebEngage addressed these challenges.

Working in association with WebEngage, Decoding Hypergrowth 2.0 will unearth the recent developments and evolution of the ecommerce brands, their future outlook, opportunities and much more.

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