Announcing MoneyX – The Future Of Startup Investments In India

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60,500+ Indian startups, $136 Bn funding raised & 7,50,000+ jobs created so far

Less than 10% contribution of domestic capital in total capital invested in Indian startups

To be hosted in Delhi NCR in May 2023 – MoneyX will convene 450+ leading LPs, GPs & Angels to discuss the future of startup investments in India

India currently have 60,500+ startups.

Their combined valuation today? Half a trillion dollars!

A whopping $136 Bn+ has been poured into Indian startups since 2014 – from just $9 Bn in 2015 to almost 3x in 2022 to $25 Bn.

These startups have created over 7,50,000 jobs and contribute to less than 2% of India’s GDP today.

Startups are being envisioned as the spine of new India, as they encourage the youth to become job creators rather than job seekers.” – Economic Survey 2022-23 by Finance Ministry, Government of India

Now, imagine a multi-trillion-dollar digital economy with startups leading the charge! Imagine the impact if these numbers were 3X’d?

But how?

The Future Of Startup Investments In India = Unlocking India’s Domestic Capital

The road to unlocking India’s digital economy lies in accelerating innovation-driven entrepreneurship and business creation through startups, which will be crucial for large-scale employment generation.

While investor participation in startup funding has surged to 9,500 investors since 2014 from a mere 1,000 investors in 2015, still less than 7% of Indian startups have been able to raise financing. With new startups emerging at a rapid pace, new investors and new capital is the need of the hour.

Today, domestic capital contributes less than 10% of the total capital invested in Indian startups.

We believe India needs to unlock its vast pools of domestic capital to supercharge the future of India’s startup economy!

India's Booming Startup Economy

Introducing MoneyX

Building upon Inc42’s mission to Accelerate India’s Tech & Startup Economy, last year we launched our investor-focused educational programs – AngelX and CapitalX.

Our mission was to bridge the gap between investors and startups, based on the hypothesis that there’s a lack of structured learning resources on investment processes for emerging angel investors and VCs. Having spoken to over 500 candidates, we realised the problem was much bigger than we expected.

Not just information, but India’s large family offices, HNIs, and folks interested in startups lack the network, connections, and opportunities to contribute fully to this booming startup economy.

To address this gap, Inc42 is excited to unveil our latest initiative aimed at unlocking the domestic capital of India – MoneyX.

MoneyX is India’s premier startup investment conference where 450+ handpicked LPs, GPs & Angels will converge to discuss the insights and trends shaping the future of startup investments in India.

Taking place in Delhi NCR in May 2023, MoneyX will host 20+ hand-crafted sessions & masterclasses along with latest industry insights and data, startup & fund showcases, high-level peer-to-peer debate and curated networking opportunities, all to help improve your investment outcomes.

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The 2030 Opportunity

Out of the 9,500+ investors who participated in funding rounds in 2022, the largest share was taken by 5,120+ angel investors (53%). By 2030, the number of angels is predicted to cross 10,000+.

India startup investor landscape

At Inc42, our goal is to create 500+ new investors every year through our various programs. AngelX and CapitalX were the beginning and we’re taking it to the next level with MoneyX.

MoneyX is our initiative to unlock domestic capital at a large scale by building a platform where investors find the insights, data and access to improve their startup investment outcomes. 450+ leading LPs, GPs & Angels will converge to discuss the insights and trends shaping the future of startup investments in India.

Among the many challenges on the regulation side, the archaic laws created decades ago prohibiting investments in AIFs that invest overseas have prevented domestic pension and insurance companies from participating, holding back major pools of capital from entering the Indian startup ecosystem.

The significant improvement in ease of doing business and regulatory authorities responding favourably to the recommendations of industry bodies signals positive sentiment from the government to support the startup industry in various forms and shapes.

This has opened a once-in-a-generation opportunity for investors and companies to ride the India growth story by mobilising domestic capital and promoting new innovations that will accelerate the growth trajectory of the Indian tech ecosystem.

Come join us in MoneyX and become part of India’s growth story.

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