RD interest rates: SBI vs HDFC Bank vs ICICI Bank recurring deposit interest rates: Who is offering highest rate

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A recurring deposit (RD) is an investment avenue using which you can save money on a regular basis while earning interest on it. The major highlight of an RD is that you can save by making small contributions at regular intervals and earning interest on your savings.

How to calculate the Recurring Deposit maturity amount

The maturity amount for Recurring Deposits is the sum of the principle and interest generated over the investment period. Interest is compounded on a quarterly basis. According to HDFC Bank website, “Recurring Deposit is calculated using the compound interest formula. The savings have to be deposited into the account every month. The interest on your savings is compounded quarterly”.

ICICI Bank RD interest rates


SBI RD interest rates


HDFC Bank RD interest rates


Penalty charges for non-Deposit of monthly instalments

SBI customers must pay Rs 1.50 per Rs 100 each month for an account with a 5-year maturity period. Rs. 2.00 per Rs. 100/- every month for accounts having a maturity duration of more than 5 years. In case of SBI RD, if an RD customer misses six consecutive instalments, the account will be shut early and the remaining balance will be paid to the account holder. According to the ICICI Bank website, “Penalty is charged at monthly interest at the rate of Rs 12 per Rs 1000 for all delayed installments.”

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