Is it normal to see low SIP returns initially ?

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I am doing a monthly SIP of Rs 1,000 from a long- term (10 years) point of view. I have invested in an equity scheme – large & mid cap fund – growth plan. The fund is currently giving 3.5% returns. Since I am a beginner in this field, is it normal to have low returns in the initial period?

–Rohit Ranjan

Joydeep Sen, corporate trainer and author based in Mumbai, responds:

The returns in the initial period is a function of the market and not whether you are a beginner or veteran. Market is under nobody’s control. You have said you have a long-term view of 10 years. Since you have a long-term view, don’t worry about the returns in initial period returns; also don’t be extra happy if the returns are very high. Just continue the SIP for 10 years.

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