How to add, change a nominee in HDFC Bank safe deposit locker

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A bank safe deposit locker can be hired by an individual singly or jointly with another individual(s), HUFs, firms, limited companies, associates, societies, trusts, etc.

When opening locker, you may be asked to submit basic documents such as:

  • KYC documents
  • Passport size photograph
  • Current or savings account details
  • Security deposit
  • Locker agreement (stamp duty payable as per respective state)

As with any financial instrument or service, you will also have to add nominees to your bank locker. Here is a look at how someone with a locker in HDFC Bank can add or change a nominee, according to the bank’s website.

How to add or change nominee to your locker in HDFC Bank

Individuals can opt for a nomination facility for a safe deposit locker in HDFC Bank. Up to two nominees can be selected for lockers held in joint names. Locker owners can provide mandates for locker access in the same way that deposit account holders can

To change or add the nomination, one can download the forms or visit the branch fill the required application and submit it to your locker branch only.

  • To add a nomination: Form SL1 (sole hirer)/SL1A (joint hirer)
  • To cancel a nomination: Form SL2
  • To change a nomination: Form SL3 (sole hirer)/SL3A (joint hirer)

When there is no nomination

In the absence of a nomination or mandate for the disposal of locker contents, the Bank shall release the contents of the locker to the legal heirs against indemnity on the same lines as deposit accounts to alleviate hardship to ordinary people.

Locker rentals

Bank locker rentals vary depending on the size and location. Say, for example, locker charges vary between Urban, Semi-urban, and rural locations. Rental rates may differ amongst branches in the same city as well. The rent for lockers is levied once a year and is paid in advance.


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