HDFC Credit Card: How to cancel or block your HDFC Credit Card

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When you don’t have access to cash right away, using a credit card is a convenient method to make any kind of purchase—from groceries to your favourite gadget. However, it is very important to close or cancel the credit card when you are not using it, or when it’s lost.
Banks provide a variety of credit cards and also offer cashback, rewards, and discounts, you may select the Credit Card that’s ideal for you based on your needs. However, owning a credit card is very easy but it is important to close when the card is lost, misplaced or close when not in use anymore.

You can block your HDFC Bank credit card online through netBanking, using phoneBanking numbers, or go to an HDFC branch, or cancel it if it has been lost or stolen.

How to close credit card through website
Step 1: Click on Chatbot- Ask Eva
Step 2: Type credit card closure
Step 3: Provide your 10 digits Mobile No
Step 4: Input the OTP received
Step 5: Enter last 4 digits of your Credit Card No
Step 6: Select the reason
Step 7: Your Credit Card closure request is accepted.Visit HDFC Bank
HDFC Bank credit card holders can visit the bank and fill the credit card closure form and submit it to the manager.
You can also download the credit card closure form forwarded to the Manager, HDFC Bank Credit Cards, P.O. Box 8654, Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai-600041 after being filled out.

How to cancel or block HDFC credit card through phone banking
Here’s how you can cancel or block your Credit Card through our 24×7 Phone Banking numbers
Step 1: Validate your Telephone Identification Number (TIN). This is a 4-digit number that is provided to you by HDFC Bank for accessing PhoneBanking Services.
Step 2: Follow the instructions to block or cancel your card
How to block or hotlist HDFC credit card via net banking
Here’s how you can hotlist or block your Credit Card through NetBanking
Step 1: Login to NetBanking using your NetBanking ID and Password
Step 2: Click on Credit Cards tab and then on Credit Card Hotlisting on the left hand side. A list of Credit Cards registered under NetBanking will appear.
Step 3:Click on the Credit Card number you wish to hotlist
Step 4: Select reason for hotlisting
Step 5: Select if you would like the card to be re-issued

RBI’s credit card closure rules
In order for a bank to honour requests to close a credit card, the customer must be informed of the closure right away via email, SMS, etc. Customers must be given a variety of options to close their cards; they cannot insist on a certain method, such as a helpline, dedicated email address, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), a link that is prominently displayed on the website, internet banking, a mobile application, or any other means.
If the card issuers don’t finish the closure process within seven working days, the consumer will be charged Rs. 500 per day of delay up until the account is closed, provided there are no outstanding balances on the account.

Credit closure if unused
The bank may close a credit card if it is not used for more than a year.
If a credit card hasn’t been used for more than a year, the owner will be notified and the cancellation process will begin. If the cardholder does not respond within 30 days, the card issuer will cancel the card account, assuming that the cardholder has settled any outstanding charges.

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