FD interest rate up to 9.21%: Fincare Small Finance Bank hikes fixed deposit rates

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Fincare Small Finance Bank has increased fixed deposit interest rates on certain deposits below Rs 2 crore, according to the official website of the bank.

The bank offers interest rate between 3% to 8.61% for general citizens for tenure ranging from 7 days to 10 years. For senior citizens, the bank offers interest rates between 3.60% to 9.21% interest. The rates are effective from October 28, 2023.

This bank offers 8.3% FD interest rate for these investors

The highest interest rate of 8.61% and 9.21% for senior citizens is offered on tenure of 750 days.

Fincare SFB FD interest rate

Following the change, the bank will pay a 3% interest rate on fixed deposits maturing between 7 and 14 days. Fincare SFB will pay 4.50 percent interest on deposits maturing between 15 days to 30 days. The bank offers 5.25% on tenure of 31 days to 45 days and 5.76% on 46 days to 90days.

Fincare SFB will offer a 6.25 percent interest rate on deposits maturing between 91 and 180 days. Meanwhile, the bank offers a 6.50 percent interest rate on deposits maturing between 181 and 365 days.

Deposits maturing between 12 months and 15 months will earn 7.50 percent interest. And 7.65% on 12months to 15 months and 7.85% on 15 months 1 day-499 days. On 500 days tenure, the bank offers interest rate of 8.21% . On tenure of 18 months to 24 months, the bank offers 8.11% interest rate and 8.15% on 24 months to 749 days.

The bank offers an interest rate of 8.41%for FDs maturing in 100 days. And 8.11% for deposits maturing between 1001 days and 36 months, the bank will pay an interest rate of 8.25% on 36 months to 42 months tenure.

Fincare SFB offers an interest rate of 7.50% for FDs maturing between 42 months to 59 months and 8% on deposits maturing in 59 months and one day to 66 months.

Senior Citizen FD rates
Senior citizens of Fincare Small Finance Bank will earn an interest rate between 3.60 per cent to 9.21 per cent for tenure ranging from 7 days to 84 months.

Merger with AU Small Finance Bank

According to an exchange filing by AU SFB, AU Small Finance Bank (SFB) announced that it will Fincare Small Finance Bank, subject to regulatory approvals from the Reserve Bank of India, Competition Competition of India, and the two firms’ shareholders.

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