epf on umang: What are the services EPF member can avail on UMANG app?

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UMANG is the only official app where you can avail different services of Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) in a single app, according to a tweet by EPFO. The UMANG app allows users to check their PF balance, file a withdrawal claim, apply for UAN, check claim status, and apply for a Jeevan Pramaan certificate, among other things.

Unified Mobile Application for New-age Governance (UMANG) is a mobile app developed by the Government of India as part of the Digital India program of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology to provide access to central and state government services.

Here is a look at 6 different types of services you can avail on the Umang app.

Employee Centric Services

This service allows users to authenticate with the department, check their PF passbook, file a full or advance claim, and track the status of their claim. EPF users can also activate their UAN and request for Covid-19 advance using the Umang app.

An EPF member can withdraw money from their PF account via the Umang app. Do make sure that your Universal Account Number (UAN) is linked to your Aadhaar number in order to withdraw funds from your EPF account.

Here is a look at the employee-centric services one can avail using the Umang app according to the EPFO tweet:

  • Request for Advance (Covid-19)
  • Track Claim
  • View Passbook
  • UAN Allotment
  • Form 10C
  • Raise claim
  • UAN activation

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Here are other services which can be availed on the Umang app.

eKYC Services

EPF member can enter their UAN and avail the KYC services like Aadhaar seeding.

Pension Services

After Aadhaar authentication, pensioners can seed/update their Aadhaar to access pensioner services. Pensioners can view passbook, with their PPO number and one can also generate a Jeevan Praman certificate. Download Pension Payment order (PPO)-EPS’95.

General Services

EPF members can use app to raise a claim, look up PF offices, employer-related PF details, and the status of a claim they have filed. To access information about their EPFO claim, users must first log in to their account.

Other services include searching establishments

  • EPFO offices
  • Account details on SMS
  • Account details on a missed call.

Employer Centric Services

Employer Centric Services give information on the total monthly amount deposited by the business for its employees, as well as the total number of employees.

  • Get Remittance Details By Establishment ID
  • Get TRRN Status

Register and Track Grievance

EPF members can register grievances related to EPFO services using Umang App. After registering the grievance, EPF members can send reminders and check the status of the complaint.

  • Register Grievance
  • Send reminders
  • Check status

How to download

Go to Google Play Store and type in Umang to get the Umang app for your Android phone. Wait for the app to download after clicking install. After that, go ahead and download the app and register for the service. The software can be downloaded from the Apple App Store by Apple users. However, one can also use the web version after registering and entering the login details.

Android users can download here https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=in.gov.umang.negd.g2c&hl=en_IN&gl=US

Web: https://web.umang.gov.in/landing/

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