Can Big Eyes Coin take over the best DeFi blockchains like Ethereum and Avalanche

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The crypto industry is constantly growing, redefining the very concept of financial assets. Decentralised Finance (DeFi) is coming into the spotlight, and with its accessibility, affordability, and convenience, it’s no surprise to see why.

Blockchain networks are the heart of cryptocurrency, and DeFi blockchains offer several altcoins the support they need. Meanwhile, the industry is also welcoming new DeFi cryptocurrencies like Big Eyes Coin (BIG), which is wrapping up its iconic presale to launch very soon.

Do Big Eyes have what it takes to take over the top DeFi blockchains like Ethereum and Avalanche? Read on to find out.

Ethereum: The one-stop-shop among blockchains

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Launched in 2014, the Ethereum network is the founder’s solution to Bitcoin’s inability to attach real-world assets to its blockchain and its need for a robust language to carry this process out. Ethereum has since grown to accommodate 1589 tokens, and its native cryptocurrency, Ether (ETH), is now the second largest cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalisation.

Ethereum provides a highly versatile platform for building decentralised applications using the Solidity programming language and Ethereum Virtual Machine. Developers who create smart contracts on Ethereum benefit from a mature ecosystem of developer tools and best practices.

The platform’s maturity also reflects in the user experience, with user-friendly wallets such as MetaMask, Argent, and Rainbow, enabling easy interaction with the Ethereum blockchain and smart contracts. The extensive user base of Ethereum motivates developers to deploy their applications on the network, solidifying Ethereum’s position as the leading platform for DeFi and NFTs.

Avalanche: The rival to Ether
Avalanche started in 2018 as a protocol to solve the issue of unreliable machine crashes. Later, it was developed by a research team. They made a start-up company that would meet the finance industry’s needs. The company introduced its native token AVAX in 2020.

Avalanche: The rival to EtherSpotlight Wire

The Avalanche network boasts several advantages. The maximum supply of AVAX coins is 720 million, but AVAX holders who vote to adjust the reward for adding a new block to the Avalanche blockchain determine the coin creation rate. Transaction fees vary depending on transaction type and network congestion, and all fees are burned to reduce the number of coins in circulation.

AVAX fees are subject to change based on user voting. Transactions on the Avalanche blockchain are confirmed using a unique method requiring random network participant subsets to confirm transactions. Network participants can earn more AVAX rewards for processing transactions by maintaining high uptime and fast response times.

Can Big Eyes take over DeFi blockchains?
For a while now, the brand new DeFi meme coin, Big Eyes (BIG), has created quite a stir with its
presale. This was no ordinary feat, as BIG has managed to break the presale record of Ether itself. And launching on the 15th of June, BIG is preparing to take over Ethereum’s network as an ERC-20 token.

What makes the Big Eyes Coin goal plausible? It boasts an ecosystem free from buying, selling, and trading tax. The supply is limited to 200 billion tokens, but 75% will be available on launch and locked in a liquidity pool to provide stability and liquidity to the token. In other words, remember how Bitcoin’s price skyrocketed when there was high demand but limited supply?

But this isn’t just about making a fortune. Big Eyes Coin has set aside 5% of its supply to create a charity wallet that supports ocean sanctuaries. A cat has got to eat. The good intentions come from a passionate community that powers this paw-dorable coin. This is evident from their ever-so-happening Twitter handle and the 26,000-member Telegram group.

But that’s not all. Their roadmap includes projects that cater to the broader investor base. There is an NFT Space, the Sushi Crew, under development.

As they wrap up their presale on the 3rd of June, Big Eyes Coin has one last trick up its sleeve. Until the end of the presale, the team is selling BIG tokens for its Stage 3 price, which is only $0.00017 per token. Go BIG, or go home with Big Eyes!

Big Eyes Coin flaunts unmatched potential with its plethora of features and offerings. With a track record of collecting over $38.3 million in the presale stage, it is on its way to taking over the best DeFi blockchains. Try Big Eyes Coin to be a part of the next BIG thing in the crypto world.

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