Bank Holiday 2022: When is the next long bank holiday weekend in 2022?

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When a holiday falls on a Monday or a Friday after the second or fourth Saturday, it can be called a long weekend. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has specified a list of bank holidays for each month in India. The holidays are divided into three categories: state-specific leaves, religious holidays, and national festivities. Bank customers will need to carefully schedule their next trip to the bank as there could be an inconvenience due to long bank holidays.

The next long weekend for banks in India is in August. Banks will be closed on three consecutive days on August 13, 14, and 15 (Saturday, Sunday and Monday) due to the second Saturday, Sunday, and Independence Day, respectively.

Banks are closed all over the country as Independence Day is marked as a national festival. In Uttar Pradesh banks will be closed for four days as August 12 (Thursday) banks will be closed for Raksha Bandhan.

Most financial transactions, however, can be completed via mobile banking and net banking. It would be prudent to be aware of such holidays because there might be cash shortage at ATMs due to the long weekend, and branches will be closed in case you need to carry out transactions like depositing cheques etc.

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