10 instant payday loans online: Get same-day cash advance loans for bad credit in 2022

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Even when one tries to budget expenses and expenditures to the penny, there are times when things end up getting out of hand.

Unlike traditional banks, payday loans do not require a thorough or hard credit check. However, even though payday loans are easy to acquire, one must be comprehensive in their research and approach, as several organisations can end up securing more money through additional fees.

Here are four picks for payday loans with no credit check:

  1. WeLoans: For instant payday loans online with same-day approval
  2. iPaydayLoans: For same-day cash advance loans for bad credit
  3. CocoLoan: For payday loans and cash advance loans online
  4. US Installment Loans: For payday cash advance loans with fast approval

Mentioned below is a quick rundown of 10 online sites that offer payday loans and cash advance loans:


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WeLoans is one of the forerunners in the loan industry. With different offers and competitive interest rates, they have provided online payday loans for a wide demographic. Finding the correct interest rates and APR has never been more accessible. WeLoans connects you with various lenders who decide to loan you anything between fifty to five thousand dollars. Despite bad credit, one can seek payday loans at competitive rates with WeLoans.


  • The website is user-friendly, and the application process is quick.
  • A vast network of trusted lenders that are ready to help out stakeholders.
  • After the approval, lenders will send the money even out of business hours.
  • One can seek loans despite bad credit history.


  • Inability to access loans without a good source of income.
  • Interest rates are known only post approval and application process.

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iPaydayLoans helps you get the help you need in tough times. Without cash and collateral to back you up, payday loans will help you secure short-term payday loans that you can repay on a mutually agreed period. So, without worrying about high-interest rates and additional fees, one can secure quick cash for themselves and get out of distress. Moreover, iPaydayLoans allows you to complete the application process in little time, thanks to their user-friendly website.

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  • The application process is simple and easy to complete.
  • A series of lenders will provide different offers for your application.
  • The process is time efficient, and quick decisions are made from their end.
  • Bad credit history or no score at all is no issue in consideration.


  • Interest rates are not disclosed upfront.
  • The repayment period can be short for the stakeholder.

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CocoLoan is known for its quick services for emergencies. They provide fast quotes after a quick application process. CocoLoan offers its services 24/7, night and day. Their commitment to customer service helps them ensure total safety and security in the process. In addition, CocoLoan allows you to find the right interest rates for your application with variable APR.

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  • They provide competitive interest rates upfront
  • APR remains variable, but an estimate is provided on their website itself.
  • Reliable brokers with a vast network of trusted lenders.
  • Get money despite bad credit and a quick credit score check.


  • The repayment period can be short for some stakeholders.
  • People unable to pay within a short time continue the cycle of debt.

US Installment Loans

US Installment Loans provides loans up to $5,000 and above. One can easily apply through their website without worrying about their previous credit score. For payday loans, the process is quick with fast approvals. Their website gives you a thorough understanding of how to pay off similar loans. After the approval of the loan process, the fund’s disbursement happens within the next business day.

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  • Trusted lenders will consider your profile despite the bad credit.
  • Famous for providing loans to clear credit cards and other debt.
  • Ability to score quick cash in a short amount of time.


  • People with bad credit will receive a lesser loan amount than demanded.
  • Interest rates are not disclosed prior.

US Bad Credit Loans

It is accessible to experience difficulties searching for loans with bad credit lines. However, your poor credit history will not affect US Bad Credit Loans as it will reasonably analyze your profile despite your bad credit history. Therefore, the trustworthy battalion of lenders will help you without a hard credit check. Several times, bad credit stops people from reaching out for help. However, with US Bad Credit Loans one can easily seek loans for themselves.

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  • The application process is short with no difficulties.
  • Customer service will contact you as soon as lenders have an answer for you.
  • Approvals are quick, and the amount is deposited in the account in no time.
  • Information remains safe and secure.


  • The repayment schedule may not work out for all borrowers.
  • Bank information and income details reside with the lenders.
  • Interest rates are not disclosed at first.

Fast Payday Loans

Fast Payday Loans helps people seek short-term loans in the UK without any hardships. The fast application process allows people to apply safely without having to wait a long time for approvals. The interest rates are competitive, and estimates are given beforehand to understand the stakeholders better. Customer service is available 24/7 for any issues and queries. Even with bad credit, people are welcome to apply for different loan amounts.

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  • Lenders analyze your application faster and make quicker decisions.
  • Your personal and private information is safe from any external viewing.
  • Cash is deposited within the same or the next business day.
  • A group of industry-leading panels is active in supplying quick decisions.


  • Additional fees for late repayments.
  • The repayment schedule can be shorter for some people.
  • APR and interest rates can be high for some.

Payday Loans UK

Payday Loans UK is based in the UK for the citizens and helps people secure Fast Payday Loans with repayment periods ranging from 1 month to three years. Their interest rate is competitive, and allies have better leverage than competitors. The APR remains variable, and one can pay unexpected bills and expenses without a second thought, thanks to their fast services. Thanks to the fast application process, one can avail quick loans because lenders can easily access your profile and information.

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  • One can secure funding within the same day if one applies on time.
  • Loan amounts are available for upto £5,000.
  • No additional charges or hidden fees would increase the repayment budget.


  • Late payments can end up getting additional charges.
  • Some may find repayment schedules to be too strict.
  • Debt can end up increasing.

Easy Payday Loan

Securing short-term loans to pay extra expenses at competitive interest rates has never been easier. Easy Payday Loan, a UK-based brand, ensures you can get out of your crisis through their tailored program until your next salary comes through. As a top-notch broker in the UK, they have a variety of reliable lenders to help you out.

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  • Their process does not take a lot of time, and you are connected with lenders in no time.
  • Even when you have bad credit, lenders consider your application reasonably.
  • Quick cash is provided without a hard credit check.


  • High-interest rates that are not told upfront.
  • APR can be on the higher variable.

UK Bad Credit Loans

UK Bad Credit Loans are known for supplying loans to UK-based people with bad credits. Since traditional borrowing from lenders cannot happen due to bad credit history, they provide respite by helping out despite poor credit, history of defaults, and even bankruptcies. Their customer service is committed to helping deliver the right lender for the borrowers or applicants. The application process is simple and short for people to complete.

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  • Lower interest rates as compared to their competitors.
  • Quick, safe and reliable services with little impact on your credit rating.
  • Reputable lenders consider applications in partnership.
  • It can help you recover from emergencies fast.


  • A credit check is done to look at your previous history.
  • Bank information is retained.
  • Money is not transferred on the same business day.


PersonalLoans has been a prominent industry player and has helped more than 148 million people secure payday loans. They are known for their exceptional customer service by providing a top-notch customer experience. Their process is quick, and you can secure approvals within the day, thanks to their fast application process. Their commitment to their customer makes their approach unique and one in many.

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  • Quick processes with timely approvals.
  • Reliable lenders will review your profile despite your credit history.
  • No worries about additional costs that will increase your repayment cost.
  • Great reviews and easily navigable website.


  • Failure to score big loans with bad credit.
  • Interest is not disclosed before the application is filed.


Even though there is an exhaustive list of online payday lenders providing same-day loans per your requirements, it isn’t easy to find legit payday loans or top payday lenders.

The idea of your credit taking a hit due to a hard credit check can leave one skeptical about these services. However, these payday lenders will not harm your credit score. Therefore, people can avail payday loans without having to waste their precious time.

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