Zoom video calls on Tesla cars soon to be a reality?

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Tesla cars will soon feature a new tech where the drivers will be able to get the Zoom video call app for their cars. Drivers will be able to take Zoom calls, a feature they are already using on their smartphones and laptops, from the comfort of their private car space. 

This announcement for Tesla car owners came during Zoomtopia conference 2022, Zoom’s annual event to unveil new innovations to power modern work experiences including new features to enable remote calls.

A pre-recorded video demonstrates a Tesla driver engaging in a Zoom video call while conveniently putting the vehicle’s battery on charging. However, the video leaves the viewers with some lingering questions. For instance, can this feature also be enabled in driving mode or only be used in parking mode? It is also not known as to when this tech will be launched. 

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Tesla chief Elon Musk, in May 2020, said in a tweet that adding Zoom calls to Tesla vehicles was “definitely a future feature.” If all goes as per the plan, this will now soon be manifested in reality. 

A Zoom spokesperson in a conversation with Mashable website said  integrating the Zoom call feature in Tesla’s infotainment system would “not be the safest use case” as many people might attempt to use it while driving. However, Musk is also too distracted by his latest Twitter acquisition.

According to US media reports, the bond between Musk-owned firms and Zoom is not too great either, as SpaceX in April 2020 forbid its employees from using Zoom over “significant privacy and security concerns.”

Tesla is already facing a stiff competition by rival car makers such as automakers such as Volkswagen, Ford and General Motors as they try to catch up to Elon Musk’s vision of a high-end car. 

Global economy is slowing down and amid this some analysts believe that Tesla’s premium pricing could pose a tough challenge for the car maker. 


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