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Navigating the Net-Zero frontier: Insights from the World Economic Forum’s industry tracker 2023

Released on Tuesday, the World Economic Forum’s “Net-Zero Industry Tracker” 2023 Edition highlights significant players in transportation, energy, and industry along with a thorough analysis of the sectors accountable for more than 40 per cent of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Legal kickoff: Ronaldo’s role in Binance NFT push sparks investor lawsuit

Cristiano Ronaldo, the well-known football player, is currently facing legal issues resulting from his affiliation with Binance, one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.

AI-Driven Hearing: A symphony of adaptability in noisy environments

Artificial Intelligence (AI) becomes the virtuoso in a world where sound is both a melody and a lifeline, completely changing the audio tech scene.

Pakistan’s stock rally ignited by f736mnn investors hits four-year high

The return of foreign investors has significantly bolstered Pakistan’s stock market rise, leading to a 50 per cent increase in the benchmark KSE-100 Index since late June.

Dubai Taxi breaks records with $41 bn in orders for $315 mn IPO

With over 150 billion dirhams ($41 billion) in orders, Dubai Taxi Co. achieved a record for investor demand in its $315 million initial public offering (IPO). This is the highest degree of oversubscription for a Dubai IPO to date.

Uber aims to mend ties with London’s black cabs in new initiative

Uber has declared plans to extend its platform to London’s famous cabs beginning in early 2024 in an effort to ease tensions that have existed with the city’s black taxi drivers for the past ten years. Uber has caused friction with London’s black taxi drivers, who are well-known for their strict “Knowledge” exam, as they fear for their jobs.

China’s manufacturing sector faces second consecutive month of contraction. Here are the details

A Reuters survey indicates that as November draws to a close, there are signs that China’s manufacturing activity is probably going to decline for the second straight month.

India unveils $141 billion plan to extend free food grains program

According to Information Minister Anurag Thakur, India has extended its free food grains programme for the next five years with a significant allocation of 11.8 trillion rupees ($141.63 billion).

Angolan woman billionaire battles $736mn asset freeze, alleges political persecution

In opposition to a note to freeze over £580 million ($736 million) of her assets, Angolan billionaire Isabel dos Santos says she is a victim of the country’s “campaign of oppression”.

Walmart is preferring import from India than China, data shows

Walmart is gradually shifting its import operations from China to India, according to Reuters, which used Import Yeti data. The largest retailer in the world seems to be trying to diversify supplier networks and reduce costs with this move.

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