US and allies join forces on semiconductor supply to stop China’s advancement

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The world’s major chip-producing nations, including the United States, are joining together in part to secure their supply chains for semiconductors and prevent China from overtaking them as the market leader. 

Countries with robust semiconductor industries, like the US, South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan, have attempted to form alliances around crucial technology. 

Regarding the alliances, Pranay Kotasthane, director of the Takshashila Institution’s High Tech Geopolitics Programme, asserted that China was the immediate cause of everything.

The collaboration highlights the significance of chips for national security and economies, as well as the desire of nations to halt Chinese technological growth. 

Because semiconductors are used in so many of the things we use, including smartphones, vehicles, and refrigerators, semiconductors are a crucial component of modern technology. They are also essential for applications of artificial intelligence and even for armament.

The Covid pandemic-related shortage of chips, along with a rise in consumer electronics demand and supply chain interruptions, brought the significance of chips into sharp focus. 

Governments all across the world were informed of the necessity to secure chip supplies as a result. President Joe Biden of the United States has promoted the revival of the industry. 

The largest chip importer in the world, China is a crucial market for chip manufacturers worldwide, including Qualcomm in the United States and Samsung in South Korea. Political and commercial interactions may lead to increased conflict between governments in these high-tech alliances.

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