JP Morgan Chase unveils design of its new global headquarter building

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JP Morgan Chase, the American banking giant has unveiled the design for its new global headquarters in New York City. The building is touted to be city’s largest ‘all-electric’ tower powered fully by renewable energy.

The building will be constructed at 270, Park Avenue in New York. It will be 1388-foot (423 metres), 60 story skyscraper.

The building has been designed by Foster + Partners and will be completed by the year 2025

“The project is the first under New York City’s innovative Midtown East Rezoning plan, which encourages modern office construction and improvements to the business district’s public realm and transportation,” says a press release. 

As per the press release, the new building will house up to 14,000 employees and will replace the ‘outdated facility designed in the late 1950s for about 3,500 employees’

“The concept for the new design was to create a timeless addition to Park Avenue, which celebrates the city’s iconic architectural history and serves as a powerful new symbol for the next generation of office towers in New York. Using a state-of-the-art structural system to negotiate the site constraints below and at ground level, the innovative fan-column structure and triangular bracing allow the building to touch the ground lightly across the entire block. By lifting the building about 80 feet/24 meters off the ground, it extends the viewpoint from the Park Avenue entrance through to Madison Avenue,” says Foster + Partners in its press release.

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