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Governments around the world have traditionally imposed a “sin” tax on things that have a negative impact on people’s health.

What exactly is the Sin Tax?

A sin tax is placed on goods and services that are seen to be socially detrimental.

Tobacco, gambling ventures, alcohol, cigarettes, and other things are examples of products that are subject to a sin tax.

What is the primary goal of the sin tax?

Sin taxes are intended to discourage people from engaging in socially detrimental activities.

The goal is to make dangerous products more expensive to obtain in order to reduce or eliminate their consumption.

They also provide governments with a source of revenue.

Alcohol, tobacco, and cigarettes are primarily included among these items, and governments strive to tax them at a higher rate in order to prevent usage while also using the funds gained to fund welfare programmes. 

Tobacco products are taxed at a rate of 28 per cent in India, whereas tobacco leaves are taxed at a rate of 5%. 

Is it coming this year?

Over the last two years, the Indian government has not increased taxes on these commodities.

However, the government established an expert panel a few months ago in order to create a comprehensive tax policy plan that would include all tobacco products from a public health standpoint.

This time, analysts anticipate a higher’sin’ tax on cigarette products as a result of this move. 

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