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Fuel prices continue to rise, with petrol and diesel prices increasing by 80 paise and 70 paise per litre on Tuesday, respectively, reaching over Rs 5 per litre following seven rate revisions in eight days.

Petrol and diesel prices rose for the sixth time in over a week on Tuesday, with petrol now costing over Rs 100 per litre in the national capital.

After a week of revisions, the overall increase in gasoline prices is nearly Rs 5 due to an increase of 80 paise in petrol and 70 paise in diesel today. 

Petrol will cost Rs 100.21 a litre in Delhi today, while diesel will cost Rs 91.47.

Petrol and diesel prices in Mumbai have increased by 85 paise and 75 paise, respectively, to Rs 115.04 and Rs 99.25 a litre.

In Chennai, the price of petrol has climbed by 76 paise to Rs 105.94, and the price of diesel has increased by 67 paise to Rs 96.

In Kolkata, the price of petrol has climbed by 83 paise to Rs 109.68, and the price of diesel has increased by 70 paise to Rs 94.62. 

Soon after the news went viral, netizens donned their witty hats and began posting the funniest memes.

The following is how the Internet reacted to the recent increase in fuel prices: 





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