Hackers hack data centres in Asia, get credentials of major companies

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In a huge development, hackers were reported to have got hold on login credentials to data centres in Asia which are used by world’s biggest businesses. In its report, Bloomberg said that this could open doors for espionage or hacking. E-mails and passwords of customer support websites or two of Asia’s biggest data centre operators: GDS Holdings Ltd. and ST Telemedia Global Data Centres.

About 2000 customers of GDS and STT GDC have reportedly been affected. According to the report, login credentials of at least five of them have been used. These include four companies in India and China’s main foreign exchange and debt trading platform.

The credentials which have been acquired by the hackers include those of major companies like Amazon, Apple, Alibaba, Huawei and more.

Bloomberg reported that both, GDS and STT GDC said that data breach did not pose threat to their clients’ systems.

Nevertheless, the data breach has highlighted the risks companies face when they depend on third-parties for their data and IT equipment. 

“This is a nightmare waiting to happen,” said Michael Henry, former chief information officer for Digital Realty Trust Inc. as quoted by Bloomberg.

“If they can achieve that, they can potentially disrupt communications and commerce on a massive scale.”

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