Singapore reduces entry approvals for foreigners holding work passes amid Covid surge in India

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Singapore Restricts the entry of foreign workers amid covid surge, New Variants.

Singapore: Insight of the advance of Covid-19 cases in many countries and the emergence of recent virus variants reduces entry approvals for work pass holders and their dependents getting into Singapore within the coming back weeks. The Ministry stated, “In this era of vigilance, we tend for the sector unit to change the entry of labor pass holders. The UN agency has received approval to come from high-risk countries and territories from day one.” Referred to the Ministry of Workforce on the day of the workday.

The Ministry said construction, marine shipyards, and process (CMP) work pass holders who have previously been approved would be allowed entry, except for a small group with planned arrivals in June, scheduled to arrive in last weeks rescheduled.

Earlier approval will be allowed:

Migrant domestic staff, United Nations agency, have obtained earlier approval will be allowed entry, as approved apart from some with planned arrivals before June 7 United Nations agency, will be rescheduled to arrive in later weeks. However, other work pass holders United Nations agency obtained approval to enter before July 5 won’t be allowed to enter, the Ministry aforementioned. “We can inform employers on once to re-apply for entry once the case has stable and can range them for entry approval then,” previous the Ministry in an exceeding statement. 

He added, “Given the need to reschedule the entry of work pass holders who had already received approval to enter, we regretted leaving high-risk workers with immediate effect, leaving the workforce needed for major strategic projects. Therefore, new admission applications from countries and regions will not be accepted. And the infrastructural work that we will continue to allow entry, “it said.

It will not affect the work pass holders, already approved.


From today (Friday), the Ministry of Manpower will inform affected work holders and their employers about the changes in their admissions.

The above changes will not affect work pass holders already given or seeking entry into Singapore from low-risk countries and territories under the Periodic Communication System (PCA), Reciprocal Green Lanes (RGL), and other approved travel routes are demanding.

“We seek the understanding and cooperation of Labor Pass holders and their employers for these changes. They’re necessary to modify staff to enter in an exceedingly safe and marked manner and mitigate the danger of Covid-19 importation,” aforementioned the Ministry. On Tuesday, the govt had declared tightened border management measures to address growing community infections in Singapore. 

Some countries with low risk are exempted.

These include an extension of the stay home notice (SHN) period for travelers from high-risk countries or regions, which begins Saturday, from 14 days to 21. According to media reports, only passengers arriving from Australia, Brunei, mainland China, New Zealand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau are exempted. It said that the government would closely monitor the local and global situation and periodically review the measures.

Meanwhile, the horrific upsurge in COVID-19 cases in India has not spared the repercussions worldwide and Singapore, with delays and disruptions in the economy.

According to a media report on May 2, all long-term pass holders and short-term visitors entering or transit in Singapore from April 24 within the last 14 days have little impact on most decisions coming to India.


The same entry ban for all long-run pass holders and short-run guests United Nations agency is in Asian nations, Nepal, Asian countries, and Sri Lanka kicked in at 11:59 pm on a weekday. Sectors like construction Associate in Nursingd landscape maintenance – that use several Indian and Bangladeshi staff – are onerous hit as they need baby-faced an already diminished human resource since the onset of the pandemic last year, in step with the report. 


Warning to Home patrons Area Unit to wait longer for their property and better prices.

Home patrons area unit being warned of longer waiting times for his or her property and better prices as construction corporations address countries like China and Union of Burma to supply diverse workforce, which can be a lot of pricey given the hyperbolic demand.


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