Reliance seeks permission to fly in Israeli experts to India for installing rapid covid identification

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Reliance is all set to bring Israeli experts for training and installation of rapid COVID-19 identification equipment.

The distress of the Covid catastrophe in India pushed Reliance and the Israeli Company on their toes to install the Israeli Covid breathing test system as soon as possible.

Reliance Industries Limited incurred exclusive permission to fly in a team of Israeli experts to India. The Team of Israeli experts will train and install a rapid COVID-19 identification solution.

Israel received the rapid covid identification solution from an Israeli startup only, worth USD 15 million. The solution played a pivotal role in making Israel’s first country mask-free country post covid pandemic.

Thursday, India recorded 3,920 fresh COVID-19 fatalities in a single day, taking the death toll to 234,083, while 414,433 new covid cases were recorded.

Amid this surge, Reliance sources claimed, ‘The delegation from Breath of Health (BOH) has already received an emergency approval at Reliance’s request given the spike in coronavirus-related cases in India and will fly out soon.

India has seen a rapid rush in coronavirus cases in the last few months. Although, Israel has put a ban on flying to and from seven countries, including India. Reliance urged flying in a few experts from there to India who will guide Reliance’s team in India about how to operate the innovative system developed by them. 

Also, they will instruct India’s team to identify coronavirus carriers and Covid positive patients in the early stages of the disease through exhalation. The results of this solution tests will come within a few seconds only.

Earlier in January, Reliance Limited has signed a deal worth US dollars 15 million with BOH to deliver the startup breath testing system to test covid.

As per the deal, Reliance will purchase hundreds of such systems from the Israeli startup. Further, the titan company will use the purchased system to increase the number of tests in India. Breath of Health (BOH) has claimed that the success rate of this test system is over 95%. However, Indian corporate will have to spend about 10 million US dollars per month to conduct this breath testing system.

The Israeli startup said, Our team of experts will train Indian teams to use technology, which is considered a breakthrough in the field and may help the Indians take control of the Indian variant outbreak.”

The Reliance spokesperson has also said that they have already received equipment, and its delegation of this system will help India to fight against the pandemic,” a spokesperson for the company said.

Yoav Kish, Deputy Health Minister of Israel, is closely monitoring the preparations for the allotment. He himself visited the laboratories preparing for the system and went through an exhalation test. Finally, he gave a pat to the team for their successful effort.

Hopefully, India wins over covid-19 soon and declares itself a mask-free country as Israel did recently.

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