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MUMBAI: The RBI on Tuesday gave three more months to banks and NBFCs issuing credit and debit cards to comply with certain norms including activation of cards without consent of customers.
In view of various representations received from the industry stakeholders, the RBI has decided to extend the timeline for implementation of certain provisions of the direction to October 1, 2022.
One of the provisions on which more time has been given relates to activation of credit card. According to the master direction, card issuers must seek one-time password (OTP) -based consent from the cardholder for activating a credit card, if the same has not been activated by the customer for more than 30 days from the date of issuance.
If no consent is received for activating the card, card issuers should close the credit card account without any cost to the customer within seven working days from date of seeking confirmation from the customer.
Further, card issuers were asked to ensure that the credit limit as sanctioned and advised to the cardholder is not breached at any point of time without seeking explicit consent from the cardholder by July 1. In this case also, they have now been given time till October 1.


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