People struggling for co-Win registration for vaccination

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While the toll-free number (1075) is not working, the helpline number (011-23978046) is always busy.
The vaccine is now available for age 18-44 from May 1
When it was declared that the vaccine for covid-19 has come out and people of age more than 45 can get vaccinated on March 1, it was a moment of joy. Many people came out to get vaccinated amidst rumors. Then, some days later, on 20th April, it was declared that everyone of age more than 18 could get vaccinated, and its registration is to begin from 28th April midnight.
But it still has not gone live till now. As checked at 8 AM, the message shows that registration is only for individuals aged 45 years or old.
Many people tried to reach the officials with the helpline number(+91-11-23978046) or the toll-free number(1075) but in vain. The helpline number is always busy, and the toll-free number is not working. This issue needs to be addressed as the current situation will only increase the panic in people.
There has been some development, though. If some media reports are to be believed, registration will begin at 4 PM on April 28, i.e., today.
People are sharing memes on Twitter regarding this matter and are being sarcastic about the government.
It is to be noted that the vaccine was available in early January, and from then, the inoculation campaign has been implemented in multiple phases.
Phase I, launched on January 16, prioritized Health Force Workers(HFWs) and Frontline Workers(FLWs).
Phase II, initiated from March 1 and April 1, prioritized the most vulnerable public after HFWs and FLWs. These were senior citizens and everyone with age 45 years and more.
The authorization for an emergency, known as Emergency Use Authorisation, is granted to two vaccines COVAXIN and COVISHIELD, developed by the prestigious Bharat Biotech and Serum Institute of India. One more vaccine, SPUTNIK V, manufactured in Russia, is soon bound to come to India, and its manufacturing will also begin in India shortly.
Cost of Vaccines:
It is also noted that Covaxin 600/dose in State Government Hospitals and Covishield will cost Rs 400/dose in State Government Hospitals.

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