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Monday saw 71,736 recovered patients, including 13,674 in Pune: highest in the state

After so many problems in Maharashtra and an exponential increase in covid cases, the state has received good news. For the first time in the past 1 year, it has seen a drop in covid cases.
The state health department has released data regarding these cases. On Monday, the daily cases of Covid-19 dropped to 48,700 Monday in Maharashtra. However, the infection count has now reached 43,43,727, and the death toll is 65,284, increasing by 524.
So far this month, the state recorded the lowest number of infections in this month. On 1st April, 43,183 cases were reported, and on the next day, 47,827 infectious people were recorded.
In his statement, Rajesh Tope, the state health minister, said, “Daily, around 60,000 cases in the past 2 months. On April 18, the state reported 68,631 cases in a day. Past two weeks, there has been no rise in daily cases. Last week, 4,42,466 patients had recovered and discharged.” It is a serious development and a good comeback for a state which was in deep trouble.
As we know, Covid-19 had a significant impact on business and income. Many jobs were lost, many small businesses were down, and revenue decreased drastically. The current outbreak has had severe economic consequences across the globe.
Now, as we are noticing that covid cases are on the decline, it is good news. But still, we will not have the luxury of getting comfortable. Things won’t go as smoothly as we expect. It will not be such that all of sudden, business will bloom or income will increase drastically.

Currently, businesses are going online. People are working from home, and now they have adjusted accordingly. Now, after covid-19 cases decline at that point that we can breathe free, things will again need to go to the original. Employees will be required at the office and work from home will be less. This time, people will need to adjust in the office again. It will decrease efficiency. But, we cannot even continue the Work-from-Home strategy for long. It may look straightforward and efficient, but it is not the case. This strategy increases the communication gap. Therefore, it will take some time for the businesses to be back on track.
The same will be the case for the income. If businesses take time to be on track, the revenue generated will be the same. People will need to work very hard for their income to stabilize.
All in one, even if we say that yes, Covid-19 cases have declined, we can not say that the situation for business, finance, income, or the GDP will get better with it as well.

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