Microsoft Introduces New Fonts

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  • Bierstadt, Grandview, Seaford, Skeena, and Tenorite are the new fonts
  • Microsoft wants user feedback on the fonts through Twitter

Microsoft made Calibri its default font in the 2007 Office Version; Introduces 5 new fonts BierstadtGrandviewSeafordSkeena, and Tenorite.

Microsoft has decided to update its default Office fonts and introduce 5 new ones for the same. These 5 fonts are shortlisted to replace Calibri as its default fonts. Calibri has been acting as the default font since 2007. It replaced Times New Roman, then most loved and first choice font style. In addition, the Redmond-based tech giant has shortlisted 5 already present custom fonts as a candidate for the default font. These fonts are BierstadtGrandviewSeafordSkeena, and Tenorite.

Microsoft has asked the users to vote for their choice on Twitter over the next couple of months. 

Microsoft announced their call through Twitter and a post on their official blog. The 5 fonts are the updated and various styles of Sans Serif fonts available for download. Microsoft has also said that users can download these 5 fonts from the Support Website of Microsoft. They have also asked for any suggestions users feel should be implemented through Twitter.

Microsoft tweets about the new fonts

Default fonts are most notable in the absence of the impression they make. Default fonts are given a deep thought, and often it is done. That’s where the default fonts shine the best. Fonts play an essential role in making a user creative. Whenever a user reads a document with a good font, they tend to dive deep into it and get more out of it than in a normal situation. 

Every font communicates a distinct personality in its way. Although some fonts may not be eye-catching or have any flair, the way they represent themselves becomes the extension of the user’s personality.

The default font is the first impression a user makes of himself through some documents, resumes, or any mails. 

The design team said in their Monday release, “A default font is often the first impression we make; it’s the visual identity we present to other people via our resumes, documents, or emails. And just as people and the world around usage and grow, so too should our modes of expression.”

Microsoft’s new fonts also have some unique characteristics. 

Bierstadt is designed to be precise yet contemporary sans serif. This font is inspired by the Swiss typography of the Mid-20th century. Created by Steve Matteson

Grandview is designed to be legible even at a distance and in poor conditions. Created by Aaron Bell

Seaford is designed to be based on serif text typefaces and gives some nostalgia. Created by Tobias Frere-Jones, Nina Stossinger, Fred Shallcross

Skeena is designed based on the typeface and inspired by Mid-20th century Swiss typography. Created by John Hudson and Paul Hanslow

Tenorite is said to be warmer and more friendly styled traditional sans serif. Created by Erin MacLaughlin and Wei Huang.

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