Is it true that Nova Launcher works better on Google Pixel phones?

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Nowadays, choosing one of the best Android launchers has become a part of Lifestyle. Nova Launcher is always considered among the best Android launcher. 

If you are using a google pixel phone So you must have used that recently released Nova Launcher beta in your phone. And you might have noticed a kind of fluid animations while using gesture navigation. But now you won’t see that same animation while using Nova Launcher


If we talk about the nova launcher, it does good work balancing features with attractive customization, and this is the best choice for anyone looking to put their spin on their phone. Smart Launcher 5 continues to add layouts and great features that can impress. 

Whether you want to completely refurbish your home screens or only want a cleaner, faster home launcher, Nova will be available.

In the nova launcher, there are so many options are working through, from color themes to icon packs, scrollable docks to app drawer customizations, to folder settings, and infinite scrolling. Nova Launcher never runs its features for long. It continuously adds new features, such as Sesame Shortcuts, animations, and other improvements for better outcomes.

The Newest Features of Nova Launcher

• Custom Icon Themes: Nova’s most crucial role is that it

 supports thousands of icon themes running in the Play Store.

• Night Mode and Dark Theme: In Nova’s new version, you will get to see 2 options, night mode comes on automatically at a specific time, or you can leave it on for a dark theme.

• Customizable App Drawer: This allows you to customize the phone even more. Different gestures like icons, tiles, folder settings, And including other features like page effects, Vertical or horizontal scrolls, and so many you will find in the app drawer feature.

• Subgrid Positioning: With the ability to snap icons and widgets into grid cells, it becomes easy to getan authentic experience and layout with the Nova, which is impossible with most other launchers.

• Backup and Restore: data moving from phone to phone is a snap thanks to the Nova launcher backup and restore feature, which is available now. Backup helps to store locally and saved backup to the cloud for easy transfers.

• Speed: Nova is a highly Customized launcher with smooth and catchy animations; even Older phones will also feel faster and smoother while using it.

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