How to start a business – Tips by Ritesh Malik

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Ritesh Malik is a founder and CEO of innov8; by profession, he is a doctor. However, his passion for fulfilling his dreams made him a great entrepreneur from a doctor.

Inno8 is a classy and attractively designed coworking space. Innov8 provides an enjoyable environment for its passionate freelancers, entrepreneurs, NGOs student-entrepreneurs to work hard and grow their business with proper facilities like high-speed internet, AC, 24 * 7 electricity.

Inno8 has almost 1000+ entrepreneurs and 500+ companies like BBC Pepsi, and more. It is also known as a mixture of cafe and office. Inno8 is a plugin play system where there is no responsibility for managing AC, Wi-Fi, furniture, and more. 

Here are the top 8 tips by Ritesh Malik

1 Move a step 

Ritik says that “Taking the first step towards business is called the beginning of the business.” all you need to set up your mind and move forward. 

2 Risk becomes 0 when it comes to desires.

If you are passionate about living your desire, there is nothing that can stop you. When you make your desires, your dreams a priority, there is no existence of risk. 

You have to take the risk. What will happen? At most, you will fail. Nothing will be bigger than this, right? By failing, you will get to learn more and more; your strategies will improve. 

You must have heard, “failure grows experience, experience grows business.”

3 Bold mindset 

 Ritik says that “first of all it is needed to be cleared that there is no such work, passion, interest, from which money can’t be earned.

All you need to find out the strategies and exact demand of people.

People with a positive mindset also see negatives as positives; entrepreneurs are the first to be counted among those people.

Entrepreneurs with a positive mind can see opportunities everywhere, whether it is of their use or not. 

Ritik believes that learning and getting knowledge are essential in business. 

All you need to change your mindset towards positivity, and you will see the path towards success.

4 Problem-solving ideas 

 The idea should be related to the solution. You need to through lights on and complete your passion; how can you become a solution for people? How can your work be beneficial for people so that they will give you money in return? The growth of the business is dependent on the demand of the people.

5 Build businesses through the current atmosphere

 Current atmosphere like trendy things, market atmosphere, and other competitive markets that work like you, social environment, etc.

For example 

1 In this pandemic era, the physical markets are locked due to lockdown; only online businesses are running high.

So, you can digitalize your business.

2 We must have information about consumer needs because consumer demands make things trendy. 

We can elevate our business by working on trendy things.

6 Smart investments  

Whether you use your savings or obtain loans starting a business requires a bit amount of money. 

 Smart investment is reasonably necessary for the financial growth of the business. It is a very productive way of earning if you have sufficient knowledge about that.

7 Strong knowledge 

It is essential to have a lot of knowledge to get into the field. 

You can never fail if you have proper knowledge about business and strategies.

Entrepreneurs are pretty hustling to fulfill their dreams. Entrepreneurs know every sector because they learn many things, from Opportunity, Failure, from Mistakes. This is the reason that they can give advice and guidance about every business. Entrepreneurs collect n number of information, gain knowledge, and eventually become experts in the industry. 

If you commit mistakes, you will learn a lot of things to grow your business. Adopt learning habits through success, failure, and errors.

8 Must be needed belief and hope in yourself

Ritik says that think big to create big. Nowadays, people are afraid of taking the first step because of a lack of confidence and belief. As a result, people are investing money by adopting the wrong strategy in this field. 

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