How to Make a Perfect Startup Pitch

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Ankita Jain, the founder of GoPaisa, is a deal, discount, and loyalty platform. She said we are an 8-year old organization with 35 million users. Our customers include Flipkart, Udmi, PolicyBazaar, to name a few. we have closed our financial year 2020 by gaining Rs 15 crore profit.”

Regardless of these stellar statistics, Jain has not found investors yet, but now she is raising funds for the first time.

Jain added her point that The pitch note is everything. It involves capturing the right business story for the investor by highlighting entire data, client information, and information about the use of technology,

“I have been around for eight long years, but when it comes to my pitch, I still don’t think I have done justice to it.”

It is important to note that pitch notes assume tremendous significance for startups in their seed-funding round for investors

Problem and its solution 

Two things are pretty important in a pitch; the first is that you shouls have indepth knowledge about the problem you’re solving and understand how your targetted group will respond to your solution. Second, if you can understand the level of the problem, Only then can you find the perfect solution? So we have to research that all, then we can explain our startup story to the investors.

In brief, Lucidity on how to solve the product problem and the market they are developing. Second, it is significant to describe the solution by explaining why this specific product is the right solution?

The Founder

A founder plays the most significant role in a startup pitch. Startup pitch refers to the founders’ professional or life experience; it indicates the story behind the startup. 

Prakhar Agarwal, COO of AngelList India and founder, Adept Ventures, said that the business story of the problem and the startup’s solution to it, the most critical aspect of a pitch for me is team and founder market fit,” 

Startup pitch refers to the founders’ professional or life experience; it indicates the story behind the startup.

Other investors agree.

As we know, The startup pitch reflects the founder’s story of building his empire. It indicates the story behind the startup. Let us create a platform in which expertise and experience explain the founder’s key role in building a business. Harpreet Grover, investor and author. says

“Founder is the only thing that matters to me; otherwise, I would like to see a product.”

Telling the Business Story

Telling the story of business is known as a startup pitch.

Showrunner & director of Meet the Drapers, Sarika Batra, says, A perfect pitch is completed when an entrepreneur has sufficient knowledge about their product and services and has much clear about their vision and yearly future goals.

A significant difference has been recognized in the ability of the founder to communicate the business proposal effectively.

Most investors said that Beardo and BharatPe both having great clarity in communication. 

Co-founder & CEO of BharatPe, Ashneer Grover, said “Bharatpe has always shown the prestige of its product uniquely. From our first pitch to the present day, we have ensured that we are the proponents of zero percent MDR and treat lending as a business model.

Katie Russel, co-founder of Draper Startup House says that

A great pitch is concise and exciting! The best pitches I’ve heard clearly explain the problem, solution, why they’re the team to do it, and have a BIG vision for the future.” 

Ankita Jain of GoPaisais advised in a word

“Investors view startups as seeds of a successful business; they will only invest when they think this seed will grow.” 

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