Google to Upgrade its Authentication System

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Google decided to change its password authentication to 2SV

To boost user’s security and privacy, Google will start enrolling users in two-factor authentication by default. At the present time, the only way to protect user’s Facebook, WhatsApp, and Google accounts from phishing attacks is by enabling two-factor authentication. Google will start enrolling users for two-step verification automatically if their accounts are properly configured.

Google during a blog on Thursday announced that the users will need to take two steps to check into their Google accounts. Director of Product Management, Mark Risher in his statement said, “Today we ask people that have enrolled in two-step verification (2SV) to verify it’s really them with an easy tap via a Google prompt on their phone whenever they check-in.” They will also start to enroll the users in 2SV automatically if their accounts are properly configured. The status of the account can be checked in the Security Checkup of Google. Only using passwords can be weaker and unsafe authentication, compared to check-in. Risher further added.

Google wants the users to sign up for the two-step verification process. This announcement came on the occasion of World Password Day on May 6. Google will start sending prompts to its two billion Gmail users to enroll for the method, but it’ll soon start adding users in two-step verification.

Enabling this can also mean that no one can log in to your Google accounts without having physical access to anyone’s device. The person cannot log in to your account only through username and password. Once the user checks-in in Gmail account and enrolls for the 2SV, the user will receive a code on their phone via an SMS, voice call, or Google app.

Google wants to eliminate the utilization of passwords because most people use an equivalent password for all their accounts. However, the newly launched features by Google including Password Import, Password Manager, and Security Checkup will minimize the spread of credentials across the online. Risher hopes that one day stolen passwords will be a thing of the past and until then Google helps keep user’s data safe.

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