Apple rolls out most anticipated new iOS for iPhones

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Apple, one of the most beloved brands, always have an extended vision. It has never stopped improving itself and looks like it will continue to do the same in the future. This time , Apple has brought in the new updates for iOS in the mid-cycle, which is rare for Apple. The iOS 14.5 has an abundance of new features, and some of them will change the way of using the iPhone. 

Let us look at some of the new features that have been introduced in eagerly anticipated iOS 14.5.

  1. Face-unlock: Face unlock has been a popular thing and is now available on many smartphones. But what Apple has done is change things a bit, Now the face unlock can also be used even while wearing a mask. Mask has become a necessity during this pandemic, and hence Apple has decided to include this feature. The only thing which you require is an Apple watch to use this feature.
  2. Battery calibration for series 11: After downloading the iOS 14.5, the iOS will assess the situation of the iPhone battery and then recalibrate the battery to enhance the performance. It may take 2-3 weeks, but after that, still, there is no improvement; Apple is offering to replace that battery for free.
  3. More emojis: Apple has introduced 200+ more emojis in iOS 14.5. This will change the way of chatting using the iPhone. Some of the new emojis are new smiley faces. 
  4. A new voice for Siri: This time, the Siri has been updated with two voices. This time, the voices are not categorized by gender, but they have been named Voice 1 and Voice 2. Siri will also help in a group of FaceTime calls in the new OS.
  5. Controllers using iPhone: It is good news for PS5 and Xbox users. This time the iPhone will be compatible with PS5 and Xbox and can be used as a controller for playing games. 
  6. AirTag: The most waited and anticipated AirTags are nowhere. The announced AirTags are now compatible with the new iOS 14.5 and a good thing for people who tend to forget things. 
  7. Podcast Apps: This new iOS also provides the new feature of having Podcasts. Podcasts will give you more information, and in general, the app will look more like the Apple Music app.
  8. Reminder Apps: This time, we can use the Reminder app more fashionable and organized. 
  9. Maps: Google Maps has always been much ahead of Apple Maps. But this time, Apple has decided to give Google a challenge and has up the ante. The new maps will also report the accidents and speeding points.

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