Apple hires new AI scientist Samy Bengio from Google

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Samy is believed to lead a new AI research unit in Apple.

Apple has got an experienced and distinguished AI scientist in the form of Samy Bengio. Apple Inc informed that Samy had been hired after he left the ranks of another tech giant, Google, amid the confusion in its Artificial Intelligence R&D. Apple announced this on Monday.

Samy will join Apple’s new AI research team unit under John Giannandrea. John is the senior vice president in Apple’s new machine learning and AI strategy. Both Samy and John are experts in the AI matter.

Interestingly and coincidently, both John and Samy are ex-Google employees, and there John worked under Samy. John joined Apple after working for Google for eight years in 2018. While Samy is joining Apple after working 14 years in Google.
Bengio said that he decided to leave Google and join Apple in pursuit of something new and other exciting opportunities. Bengio was one of the most esteemed and early members of the AI research unit in Google. He played a pivotal role in machine learning and deep learning projects for the tech giant. In addition, he was an important player in the advancement of deep-learning algorithms. Deep-learning algorithms are essential and a foundation for today’s Artificial Intelligence.

Although, both Apple and Samy Bengio have made no comments on the role Bengio will be playing in the department.

Samy’s exit came after Google fired two more scientists, Margaret Mitchell and Timnit Gebru. Margaret was fired on the allegation that she transferred files out of the company, and Timnit refused to retract those files. Instead, both alleged that the company’s workplace diversity and approach of reviewing the research papers are out of place and raised questions on it. Mitchell and Gebru were leading a research team that worked on ethics issues in AI. Bengio was a supporter of Mitchell and Gebru.

Bengio announced his resignation on 6th April from Google after joining the company in 2007.

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