Boeing withdraws safety exemption bid for 737 MAX 7: Report

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Boeing has officially withdrawn its request for a safety exemption for the Boeing 737 MAX 7, a move that comes in the wake of heightened safety concerns and opposition from key figures within the aviation industry.

This is based on a Reuters report.

The request, submitted to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) last year, sought exemption from a safety standard crucial for the certification of the 737 MAX 7.

The decision to withdraw the bid was confirmed by Boeing on Monday.

Senator Tammy Duckworth, who chairs an aviation subcommittee, expressed her strong opposition to Boeing’s exemption request, emphasising that it could allow the 737 MAX 7 to enter commercial service prematurely.

Senator Duckworth highlighted a specific safety concern related to the exemption, stating, “This involves an anti-ice system that can overheat and cause the engine nacelle to break apart and fall off. This could generate fuselage-penetrating debris, which could endanger passengers in window seats behind the wing.”

In a statement released on Monday, the company stated, “While we are confident that the proposed time-limited exemption for that system follows established FAA processes to ensure safe operation, we will instead incorporate an engineering solution that will be completed during the certification process.”

The withdrawal of the exemption request is likely to have implications for the overall timeline of the 737 MAX 7 certification, as Boeing now pivots towards integrating an engineering solution to meet safety standards.

(With inputs from Reuters)

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