Apple might have broken Google and Facebook’s duopoly in the advertising market

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Nearly a year after announcing its new ad policy, Apple may be bridging the gap between itself and Google and Facebook in the digital ads market, according to a recent study published by Appsumer, an advertising analytics firm. 

The study, based on online ad budgets of over 100 mobile app companies stated that advertisements on Apple’s App store grew by 3.7 per cent to 94.8 per cent, compared to the 2021 Q2 data. 

Meanwhile, Apple’s competitors viz. Facebook and Google saw a 3 per cent and 1.7 per cent dip in the number of mobile apps advertising respectively. 

The study makes it clear that more and more advertisers are willing to spend big bucks to advertise on App Store, in addition to Apple News and Stocks. Advertisers allocated almost 15 per cent of their ad budget to Apple while both Google and Facebook saw a decline. 

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“Apple has joined the duopoly of Facebook and Google at the top table of advertiser adoption,” said the study. 

As reported by WION, Apple last year rolled out its new privacy policy called ‘App Tracking Transparency’ that required the apps on its platform to ask for users’ permission to track their activity and share it with third parties.

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Succinctly put, Apple disrupted the entire ‘personalised advertising’ market as business houses had to reconsider their strategies. The change in policy meant that companies like Facebook found it more difficult to track users on the vast realms of the internet. 

However, Apple remained unscathed as its advertising business grew 238 per cent to $3.7 billion in 2021. Moreover, buoyant by its advertising revenue, Apple is planning to add more advertisements to its first-party apps that come pre-installed on iPhone. 

According to tech reports, Apple has already internally tested the ads on its Maps, Books, and Podcasts. If the Cupertino-based company rolls out the ad feature on these apps, it could very well take its advertising business revenue into double digits. 

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