A CEO who pays $80,000 minimum wage and lets employees work from anywhere

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Dan Price, the CEO of credit card processing company Gravity Payments based in Seattle, is a dream employer. The reason? Well, he claims that his company pays employees a minimum salary of $80,000 (about Rs 64 lakh). As unbelievable as it may sound, Price calls himself a “CEO just trying to stand up for the underdog”. 

In a tweet that has since gone viral, Price says that his company gives its employees time off, paid parental leave and other benefits. The employees are also free to work from wherever they want. He even motivates his workers to take vacations.



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A company that offers this much is surely one no one would want to pass by, which is why, Price says, they get over 300 applicants per job. 

“We get over 300 applicants per job,” his tweet reads. ‘No one wants to work’ is a hell of a way of saying ‘companies won’t pay workers a fair wage and treat them with respect.'”



Even though the tweet is receiving obvious appreciation, there are several who are questioning Price’s way of working. 

People are especially wondering that if Price gives away that much money, how does he manage to keep the cost of operation in check. Then there are others who aren’t happy with Price taking a jibe at other employers. While appreciating Price for paying employees well, owners of small companies replied that it is tough for them to reach a similar stage.

“Gosh I really like your mentality towards paying workers well, but it’s really hard for us smaller companies to get to this point. What advice would you have for owners of companies still finding their stride?” wrote Cantrip Candles (@CantripCandles).

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