Opera GX Mobile launched, World’s first mobile browser for games

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Opera GX Mobile is a gaming browser for Android and iOS that builds on the company’s rapidly growing Opera GX. Opera Software, the developer of Opera browser, launched Opera GX for desktop in June 2019 that was claimed to be the world’s first gaming browser. Now, the gaming browser has made its way to the mobile platform in the form of a first beta version. Opera is calling this the “world’s first mobile browser for games” and a public release will take place in a few weeks.

Opera shared through a press release that Opera GX Mobile beta has been launched for Android and iOS. It brings a host of features such as GX Corner, Fast Action Button (FAB), vibration and haptic feedback, Flow, and more. GX Corner is the homescreen of Opera GX Mobile and it shows not only gaming news, but deals and discounts on games, release dates, upcoming games, trailers, and has filters for Windows, Mac, Linux, consoles, and VR.FAB replaces the three-button navigation bar at the bottom with a single button in Opera GX Mobile that has tapped and holds actions. FAB also comes with vibrations and haptic feedback when interacting with elements in the button. Flow feature allows you to connect your mobile device with a PC to sync mobile and desktop experiences. This will sync the mobile version of Opera GX to the desktop version by scanning a QR code. It is a “chat-like space shared between the mobile and computer browser that allows you to send files, links, YouTube videos, photos and personal notes, and access them at any time from the connected phone or computer.” It can be used to share files up to 10MB in size.

There are four different colour themes in Opera GX Mobile — GX Classic, Purple Haze, Ultra Violet, and White Wolf. It also comes with an inbuilt adblocker, cookie dialogue blocker, cryptocurrency mining protection, and pop-up blocker.

Opera GX Mobile is available in beta for Android and iOS with a public release coming in a few weeks.

Opera GX for desktop that was launched in 2019 allows users to set CPU and RAM limits and it also shows how much CPU and RAM resources are currently being used. As of now, these features are not available on the mobile version but they may come with later updates.

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