Google I/O 2021 introduced new updates for the Chrome browser

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Google I/O 2021 keynote saw the introduction of new updates for the Chrome browser. This includes enhancements to its inbuilt password manager. The browser will now be able to detect a breach and fix any compromised passwords quickly and safely, using Google’s Duplex technology. Google Chrome will allow changing of passwords with a single tap and change compromised passwords automatically. Furthermore, Google Chrome’s new tab page will now show shopping carts you’ve left behind on various sites around the Web.

Google is using Duplex on the Web for powering these new enhancements to Chrome’s password manager. This technology was introduced in 2019 for powering Google Assistant and enabling it to complete tasks on the Web, like buying movie tickets. With this new technology integrated into Chrome, users will now be able to change their passwords with a single tap. On a few sites, Google will be able to check for passwords regularly and if they find a password that has been compromised, a new ‘Change Password’ button will show up. Tapping on the button will trigger the process of changing the password for that site.

The Duplex technology is being expanded to help users quickly create a strong password for certain sites and apps when Chrome determines your credentials have been leaked online. “You can control the entire experience and choose to go through the change password process manually from the start or at any point during the process. And even if a site isn’t supported yet, Chrome’s password manager can always help you create strong and unique passwords for your various accounts,” Google says in its blog.

Google says that automated password changes are rolling out gradually in Chrome on Android, to users who sync their passwords. Initially, the changes are rolling out in the US and will become available on more sites and countries in the coming months.

Furthermore, Chrome is also looking to enhance shopping on the browser by helping users keep track of shopping carts on supported sites. Users often leave a site by adding items to the cart but closing the tab before checking out. These sites with loaded carts will now show up on the New Tab page of Chrome to help users buy the items on their next visit to Chrome. Google says it uses browsing history stored on the device to power this feature. Google says it is also “working with retailers to surface loyalty benefits for customers earlier, to help inform their decisions.”

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